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chimney caps & venting

Quality chimney caps and accessories

Properly vented chimneys are necessary to allow fireplaces and stoves to breathe properly for a safer flame. At The Warm Hearth Fireside and Patio Shop, we carry a number of excellent chimney cap options and venting supplies to fit any appliance you currently possess.

  • Prevents rain and moisture from entering the chimney

  • Deters animals who build nests and homes from entering your chimney

  • Helps break up large, burning embers to prevent them from exiting the chimney and creating possible fire hazards

Why purchase a chimney cap?

The Warm Hearth Fireside and Patio Shop also sells dampers that can be mounted on the top of your chimney to substitute for the damper normally placed inside the chimney to provide a tighter seal. These are generally considered the best option for fireplaces with damaged or missing dampers inside the chimney where they would normally be located.


The Warm Hearth also has custom-created flashings you can pick from and our flashing tops are available in a variety of metals to better accommodate any fireplace type.

Other spectacular chimney accessories we can provide to you

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